Treat yourself to a fabulously delicious family-style package meal. Add a bottle of Riesling or Syrah or a couple of cold beers to complete your dinner. Schedule a pick-up for Friday or Saturday evening between 4pm and 6pm. Last order is taken at 5:30pm, unless we sell out before that time. Menus change weekly.

If you have any trouble with ordering on-line or would prefer to call in your order, please don’t hesitate to contact Shoshana at (650) 627-4303.


A delicious Indian feaSt

Mostly ready to eat. The cabbage melt will need to be heated in a pan. Includes all the following items. Feeds 2-4 people. For a fully vegetarian meal, you’ll get double veg curry.


spiced cabbage melt

Savory veggie and cheese filled sandwich with cilantro and chilies. Grill this at home for a melty, spicy starter.

achari chicken curry

Chicken drumsticks on the bone in a sauce flavored with fennel, dried mango and mustard

Spinach and mixed vegetable curry

Creamy spinach with corn and root vegetables

Dried pea lentils

Sweet and sour lentil with dried peas

rice pilaf

Fragrant Basmati rice

Pineapple kheer

Basmati rice pudding with fruit and nuts

Instructions for curbside pick-up: Pull your car up to the restaurant’s main entrance door and call (650) 627-4303. We’ll bring your food to you so you never have to leave the car.